Departed from yanwen facility

This is my first time using EMS from China, and I haven't recieved an update since it was in despatch. What does despatch from sorting center mean, and how long will it be before I recieve another update? That is, it's already sent out from Tianjin City closeby Beijingthe mail sorting center. Can you help me? My ems said despatch from sorting center and it has been the same message for two days.

How long does it take for it to be shipped to houston texas.

departed from yanwen facility

It means that it already left the sorting center and now it is heading to another destination. If your packet says despatch from sorting center and it s in asia, be patient because now it is heading to your country s sorting center. You'll receive the next update when your article reaches your destination country.

Depending on where you're sending to, it'll probably take a few days. It means the item has reached their collection area or warehouse and is ready to be delivered to the corresponding address. The first one is ready to be delivered, is already on the way. Answer Save.

Natalie Lv 4. Tracy M. Tristan 3 years ago Report. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. It means that your article is being sent out. You may also wish to check the status on your destination country's postal website. Usually the next update would be if the receiver signed the receipt form back to EMS.

You package is on the way to you. Just wait. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Hi Arjun, The tracking number is a right one. It was delivered successfully on Nov. Hi Arjun, I think the seller gave you a wrong tracking number. He must gave you one to cheat you.

Yanwen Post Kargo Takibi

You'd better contact him to ask the right one. Please let me know. Thank you very much. Hi Jose, It's in India now.

Shenzhen International Express Branch Incense has received. Hi, LLCN was delivered but contained the wrong parts. I've lost supplier information to contact them for correcting this mistake.

Can you help me find them. Hi Bram, Sorry, we couldn't get the personal information of the supplier through the tracking information. Hi Art, It left China on Sep. It usually takes about days to reach and there will be further update then. Shenzhen International Express Branch Xiang has received the receipt. Hi Reddy, There is no tracking information for it at present.

Possible reasons: 1. The sender just gave you a tracking number but hasn't shipped it. It's just sent and need two or three days to have tracking information. You'd better contact the seller to confirm for the reason.

Hi Dmitry, It left China on October 24 and is in transit to your country now.Woolworths Basics Boxes. New home delivery option for Pharmacies. Colinb Member asked a question. I ordered a package from eBay and it was sent through a company called yanwen. According to the tracking it said. This is the final status.

Carrier doesn't provide further tracking updates. Has this package actually reached Australia, it seems a long time for delivery if it did reach here a month ago. The problem is Colin is you bought something without tracking. This is unrecorded economy mail. The package also is not a post office format, given that the shipping was not through China Post.

Have you got this before? It's got to be one of the least reliable ways to get packages. If you ordering this type of package again, choose or ask explicitly for China Post shipping.

Otherwise, you could be in limbo. Well if it arrived at destination country post office it means it arrived at the nominated parcel collect address and you should go to collect it otherwise they'll send it back. I'm not sure whether your local post office already sent it back since you should have gone the moment it said "arrived at post office in destination country".

I'm not sure whether that post office would still have the package even after 10 business days have passed. Yanwen is just another logistics company through which the parcel goes through but ultimately it should have been handed over to Australia Post and delivered to what seems like a parcel collect address at an Australia Post outlet.

departed from yanwen facility

That's certainly pretty tricky.Discussion in ' Dell ' started by bmnotplsAug 31, Log in or Sign up. What does Depart Facility mean on tracking status? What does it mean? To go away; leave fa-cil-i-ty n. All or any portion of a building, area, or structure, including the site on which it is located, wherein specific services are provided or activities are performed.

LithusAug 31, It means it left the shippers facility. Probably on its way to another one of their facilities closer to your place. When its on the way to your house, it will usually say.

Out for delivery. It-a mean-a dat Tony's friend laugh-a at your-a computer. DurmatAug 31, It departed the delivery courier's facility. In other words, it's on its way to your doorstep. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads - does Depart Facility.

Departed from Yanwen Facility

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Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?I order laptop from ebay and normaly i received tracking code from the seller. Today i received this info:. Just what it says. It was processed through the sorting facility and is being sent to your address today. You should have it within a couple of business days.

Track all your Yanwen parcels. Simple & easy!

It depends on the sort facility. If it's for the sort facility for clearing customs, it's waiting for customs clearance, if it's from your local sorting facility, then it's heading to your local postal office for shipping, unless it does so during a holiday for the sort facility for your local post office, cause if it's a holiday for a majority of countries, then the mail won't run, at all.

That means it left the big sort facility where they sort out mail, and packages. And it on the way to your local post office for final delivery. It will get there Monday. Its the big Post office station by the airport TIA. That is the Sort Facility for this area Tampa Bay. It will probably come this afternoon. If they don't make it, you will see it Monday. It means that your item has departed from that facility. But where it's going next is anybody's guess, In my case I ordered 4 boxes of Russian caviar from an on-line supplier.

I have been doing business with this firm on several occasions with no problems. This time however, 3 of the boxes arrived within the time frame specified. The company furnished me with a tracking number, and I was able to track its whereabouts.

Well instead of being delivered to my local post office, it left Atlanta to Jacksonville, Fl, then on to Miami. Every time I attempted to track the package, the web-site simply said "InTransit" So what does that tell me? I called the Postal Service's toll-free number, and had to wait over an hour for a live person to help me out. They tracked the parcel and found it located in a customs warehouse in Beijng, China, of all places! Finally it departed Beijing, and arrived in the New York sorting facility.

Then it moved to the one in Flushing, New York, where it stayed until March For the past 2 days, the web-site simply tells me that it has departed the facility in Flushing, New York. No telling when I'll finally get my caviar. Hope it hasn't spoiled from all this traveling! Answer Save. Favorite Answer. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Ewa Lv 4.Do you have multiple tracking numbers, different logistics providers, looking for regular track event updates?

We have you covered. Allow us to minimise the complexity of tracing your shipments across different carriers with our tracking API here. Track all your Yanwen parcels. Parcel monitor allows you to track your Yanwen packages with just your tracking ID! Yanwen specializes in the delivery of time-critical documents and parcels. What customers are thinking? Overall Rating 2.

On time delivery 1. Delivery experience 1. Parcel Monitor user from India 11 days ago. Parcel Monitor user from Netherlands 15 days ago.

After 21 work days still waiting.

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Normal delivery is 5 till 18 work days to the netherlands. Parcel Monitor user from Singapore a month ago. Parcel Monitor user from New Zealand a month ago. Parcel Monitor user from Australia a month ago. Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom 2 months ago. Where is my package. Parcel Monitor user from Japan 2 months ago. Parcel Monitor user from United States 2 months ago. Your easy-to-use tracking solution for parcels worldwide.

Parcel Monitor has made it convenient and supportive to track the courier status updates all together on one single page with just a single click. You just need to sign up for the CRM mailer feature and you are ready to receive notifications in your mailbox.

Enter your Yanwen tracking number and get updates with one click Not getting the complete information about the couriers under transit? No need to worry; just pick the services of the Parcel Monitor for Yanwen shipments. This provides you the stress-free solution and freedom from the concerns related to the delivery status and regular updates about the couriers in local or global shipping.

You may get the complete updates in the language chosen by you. Don't miss any Yanwen tracking updates Leave every one of your worries about the multiple shipments for your Yanwen shipment tracking. Parcel Monitor is the site for you that provides hands-on data on Yanwen shipment updates irrespective of local or international locations. It provides you every detail related to Yanwen parcel tracking effortlessly. Improve your Yanwen tracking experience Get rid of all your bothers about tracking courier updates with the Parcel Monitor.

It sends you latest transit updates on a single page with just one single click. For Yanwen parcels, you just need to initiate the CRM mailing feature that automatically drops all the necessary updates straight to your mailbox without any hassle and effort.

Try It Now! Latest news from parcel tracking universe. View all. Parcel Monitor for Business. Try Parcel Perform. Over Carriers.Asked by Patrick H. Hi Patrick, There is no problem for it. The destination country for this package is Austria. If you still not sure, you can contact the seller to confirm if they send to the right address.

BTW, the destination country for this order is India. What could be possibly going on here? Is my parcel lost or misdelivered? Can you get Coronavirus from a package delivered from China? How long does it take to ship via China Post? Track Your Package Tracking! What is the shipping of Special line. Print Special Bags Definition. Shipping Question. Item was not delivered. Details for parcel LLCN. Can't track my package after arrival at destination country.

Why you should close down this service? Shipping cost from china to Mauritius. The 'User Name' field must be a string with a maximum length of Email: The Email field is required. The Email field is not correct in format! Details of Your Question:.

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departed from yanwen facility

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Why can't I track my China Post package? How do I track a package from China? Wrong parcel address. How to change it? Read more! Hot Topics Where is my package? Package stucked at "Guangzhou, delivered to air transport" 33 replies. RYCN not reached Malaysia yet? It have been a month and not up to date?

Is my EMS package lost? No movement on tracking in two weeks.

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